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The Company

With over 25 years of expertise, Scopum is a reference in the manufacturing of molds, tools, devices and machining services. It has industrial park of approximately 3,500 m² and productive capacity for tools up to 20 tons.

Located in Joinville, Santa Catarina, one of the largest industrial centers of southern Brazil, its facilities have easy access to BR-101 and, therefore, to the main ports of the state of Santa Catarina.


Areas of Activity

Construção de Ferramentas

Construction of stamping tools;

Produção de Moldes

Production of molds for thermoforming, thermocompression and vacuum forming ;

Fabricação de Dispositivos

Manufacturing of control, assembly and cutting/drilling devices.


Production of molds for plastic injection and PU injection;

Empresa Certificada

Trust and credibility

The ISO 9001 certification was achieved to seek quality improvement of services and continuous improvement of our internal processes.

Linha de Produção - Scopum